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    Taal: UK
    Uitgever: Sorry We Are French

    Greenville, summer 1989. 

    You take on the role of Brandon, Julius, Kim, Cindy, Manelle and Marty, ordinary American teenagers who spend their time playing roleplaying games, hanging together and watching VHS. And tonight, it’s Bowling night! At least, that is what was planned... 

    But as you head toward your meeting point, the world around you suddenly changes! You are still in Greenville but everybody is gone, and stranger things start to happen around you. Initially, you thought it was a bad dream or a nightmare of sort, but the more you look around, the more it seems to be for real... How did you get there? And how will you get out of this place? 

    While trying to gather your wits around you and think about a way out of this situation, you notice that you can communicate with your teammates by thoughts. No time to lose, you decide to meet each other at the rendezvous point in order to escape together... 

    Odoo • Texte et Image