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    ENHANCE Tabletop RPGs 7pc DnD Metal Dice Set with Case and Dice Bag - includes all of the common dice used in TTRPG’s so you are prepared when your fate hangs on the roll. The metal dice were crafted to look like they've bore the brunt of many battles, so they're sure to garner envious looks at all your games. They are made out of zinc metal alloy and feature molded numbers to outlast the toughest dungeon battles during each hefty roll of fate. Each set comes bundled with an ENHANCE velveteen drawstring dice bag and a metal dice box that features foam insert padding to hold each die in place. Each of the dice (with the exception of the d4) has the ENHANCE logo as the highest face value on the die. For example, the d20 has our logo in place of the number 20, and so forth. A solid weight gives them long-lasting durability for years of roll-play.

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