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    Langue: NL
    Editeur: Geronimo Games

    DOGGERLAND is a game of action programming and worker-based development.

    Around 15,000 BC, your clan lives in Doggerland, a vast fertile land now covered by the English Channel and part of the North Sea. Your goal is to survive and thrive in the face of the harsh seasons, using the resources you discover through your experiments and the tools you build. Alas, the resources you've gathered will run out, and your village will have to migrate to more favorable lands. Each time you play, the territory is different, thanks to a system of tiles revealed randomly as you explore. If you manage to produce enough animal-skin clothing to protect yourself from the cold, feed your clan sufficiently through hunting and gathering, make enough tools to help you do so, and develop your ability to travel and transport resources, then you can devote time to increasing your population, developing your village, indulging in Art, making small decorative objects and erecting megaliths to celebrate your gods. It's up to you to make sure your clan leaves the biggest mark on history!