Garden Noughts & Crosses

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    Editeur: Traditional Garden Games

    Traditional Garden Games again goes BIG with another family favourite game.  Who doesn't love a game of Noughts and Crosses? Quick and easy game for all ages to enjoy together.  Have the best fun when you let the children challenge adults to this huge version of the classic game of concentration and skill. 

    Organising a social gathering with friends and family?  Keep all ages entertained and make lots of happy memories with our Giant Noughts and Crosses game.  Can be played indoors or outside. Age Suitable: 3+   

    Easy to play: One player uses the X symbol and the other O.  Taking turns, the players alternatively put an X or O in an empty space on the board.  The object of the game is simple - fill any row, vertically, horizontally or diagonally with 5 Xs or 5 Os and your are the winner.                         


    9 x Interlocking EVA foam squares (Approx. 90cm (35") square board) 5 x EVA Foam Xs. 5 x EVA Foam Os. Colour carry box. Full instructions.

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